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Free Bass

ls 243Kb *wav bass - 5th_saw

ls 231Kb *wav bass - 5thpulse

ls 530Kb *wav bass - bass_136_040_06

ls 513Kb *wav bass - bass_165_001

ls 513Kb *wav bass - bass_165_002

ls 26Kb *wav bass - Bass_n_y

ls 214Kb *wav bass - beeplead.wav

ls 356Kb *wav bass - bend_5th

ls 216Kb *wav bass - bl_dist1

ls 218Kb *wav bass - bl_dist2

ls 217Kb *wav bass - bl_dist3

ls 213Kb *wav bass - bl_dist4

ls 213Kb *wav bass - bl_dist5

ls 235Kb *wav bass - bl_dist6

ls 214Kb *wav bass - bl_dist7

ls 213Kb *wav bass - bl_dist8

ls 214Kb *wav bass - bl_saw1

ls 215Kb *wav bass - bl_saw2

ls 215Kb *wav bass - bl_saw3

ls 214Kb *wav bass - bl_saw4

ls 217Kb *wav bass - bl_squr1

ls 213Kb *wav bass - bl_squr2

ls 213Kb *wav bass - bl_squr3

ls 219Kb *wav bass - bleepbas

In music, sampling is the act of taking a portion of one sound recording, the sample, and reusing it as an instrument or element of a new recording. This is typically done with a sampler, which can be a piece of hardware or a computer program on a digital computer as in digital sampling. Sampling is also possible with tape loops or with vinyl records on a phonograph.


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