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Free Kicks

ls 97Kb *wav kick - 808_kick1

ls 240Kb *wav kick - 808_sub_low_kick

ls 15Kb *wav kick - 808_thump_kick

ls 15Kb *wav kick - 909_kick1

ls 15Kb *wav kick - 909_kick2

ls 23Kb *wav kick - 909_kik5

ls 15Kb *wav kick - 909_kik6

ls 17Kb *wav kick - 909_kik7

ls 14Kb *wav kick - 909kik

ls 61Kb *wav kick - abstract_kick

ls 13Kb *wav kick - acoustic_kick

ls 17Kb *wav kick - acoustic_kick2

ls 29Kb *wav kick - Airkic

ls 51Kb *wav kick - bassdr01

ls 55Kb *wav kick - bassdr02

ls 57Kb *wav kick - bassdr03

ls 53Kb *wav kick - bassdr04

ls 25Kb *wav kick - bt0a0a7

ls 44Kb *wav kick - bt7a0d0.wav

ls 9Kb *wav kick - CHESTK_01

ls 38Kb *wav kick - CLEANK_02

ls 21Kb *wav kick - dcbd1

ls 175Kb *wav kick - dckick1

ls 155Kb *wav kick - dckick2

In music, sampling is the act of taking a portion of one sound recording, the sample, and reusing it as an instrument or element of a new recording. This is typically done with a sampler, which can be a piece of hardware or a computer program on a digital computer as in digital sampling. Sampling is also possible with tape loops or with vinyl records on a phonograph.


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